Bringing the Barack Obama Presidential Library to Chicago's South Side


A Historic Opportunity For Our Community

The University of Chicago is committed to working with community partners to bring the Obama Presidential Library to a neighboring area in the heart of the South Side of Chicago. On this website you can learn more about this commitment, offer feedback, sign up for updates, and find out how to submit letters of support.

It is up to President Obama and Mrs. Obama to choose the location of the library. In partnership with members of the community, the University is exploring a range of potential locations in neighborhoods across the South Side to help inform that choice. This effort is bringing together a broad coalition of cultural institutions, civic groups, elected officials, and others who are passionate about the future of Chicago’s South Side.

“I strongly believe the Obama Presidential Library would be ideal for one of our neighboring communities on the South Side of Chicago,” said University of Chicago President Robert J. Zimmer in a statement. “Such a location would reflect the personal and professional lives of the Obamas, as well as their commitments to society. A presidential library would mark a watershed moment for the South Side, catalyzing significant and sustained economic opportunity in an area poised to make the most of such promise. It would bring cultural and programmatic opportunities for all of Chicago’s residents and visitors. The University of Chicago is committed to working in partnership with the City of Chicago, our neighbors, civic leaders, and cultural and educational institutions to develop a plan that benefits the city and the nation.”